Technology and Accounting Software Solutions

GROCO Technology Group, Inc., is a services-based company that provides software solutions to clients in the financial services and real estate industries. Our core competency is designing, building, and testing both collaborative and transactional applications on the Microsoft platform. We work with clients to build applications that give their business a competitive advantage.

We provide technical expertise in building custom applications on the .NET Platform. We also provide paperless office solutions to your organization. We look forward to helping you build effective collaborative applications.

GROCO Technology Group’s fundamental business model is based on People, Process, and Technology. We feel that these domains are interdependent and we can achieve great service for our clients at the intersection of these domains.

GROCO Technology Group is about addressing the ultimate business need of the client. We thrive on technology, but do not sacrifice the business need for the sake of using cutting edge technology. We are committed to software development process because ultimately we know that if a business problem is properly analyzed and a solid design is created for the application - we can meet the expectations of the client.

GROCO Technology Group's primary business focus is the consulting practice. This consulting practice is enhanced by training and authoring activities.

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