Know the Effect of Bankruptcy on Your Ability To Buy a Home

By Alvin Clavines

A lot of people go through the same thing, that is, when they are behind for a couple of months on their home, they just want to escape from it and declare bankruptcy. What they do not know is that they will be very much affected by this if they decide to purchase a home again the next time they think they are able again. It would take at least two or four years to clear your name from such damage.

Now if it was for a medical emergency or something like of hardship, they might consider it about two years or even longer from a lending standpoint. Bankruptcy binds you for about to two to four years.

If the defense was because of overspending or mismanagement of funds the lending rules at least about four years. But if what one should do is that if he is working the first thing he should do is to keep in touch with his mortgage company and tell him what is going on so that he can still salvage the house.

Keep in mind that ignoring this responsibility and declaring bankruptcy will affect his credit. And even if he wants to go and rent they will check his credit report and require of him a substantial security deposit and may even turn him down. Declaring bankruptcy even affects one when he tries searching for another job or even taking on an insurance policy.

To refrain even considering declaring bankruptcy one must know the truth about it. As already said, people who are behind for a couple of months on their home always opt for bankruptcy so that they walk away from it.  The wrong information out there is that they can only be helped only if they are behind mortgage which is not true. The fact is that if you pay on time you have a better chance of getting helped, whereas if you are not able to help fully then you will even have to worry about legal fees and penalties.

The first step to do in such situation is to call your and call your lender and tell the truth so that they can work with you. Bear in mind that the first person you talk is not always the person who will help you through your ordeal. You have to work your way up to the real person who will be able to assist you in this regard.

Although some would say that declaring bankruptcy may have an advantageous effect, that is, you are able to evade paying off your debts, thus giving you freedom. It also creates independence in a sense that you are no longer ran after by lending agencies and forcing you to pay up. That may be the case, but the effect of bankruptcy somehow tells how institution will view your credit report when you are already trying to make a good life for yourself.  Also, hey will view you as to what kind of character you have. The effect of bankruptcy on one’s ability to buy a home is an important thing to ponder before jumping to a decision.