The Leadership Quiz

Have you ever wondered how you are doing with your leadership skills? This quiz may be able to help you pinpoint leadership qualities that you can  develop.

Directions: Answer each of the questions using the key below. At the bottom, add up the total number of points.

1=Never                       2=Sometimes                         3=Always

1    2    3    1. I like to serve others.

1    2    3    2. I am friendly to those whom I don’t know.

1    2    3    3. I compliment others frequently.

1    2    3    4. I volunteer to be involved on committees or organizations at work or in my community.

1    2    3    5. I am involved in some type of service committee or organization.

1    2    3    6. I set goals and accomplish them.

1    2    3    7. When I take on a task, I take responsibility for the outcome.

1    2    3    8. I do what I say I will do.

1    2    3    9. I am confident in sharing my leadership ideas with others.

1    2    3    10. I am honest with myself and those around me.

1    2    3    11. I do not blame others for my faults or incorrect actions.

1    2    3    12. When working on a project with others, I pull my load.

1    2    3    13. I give my undivided attention to others when they are talking.

1    2    3    14. I listen intently to others ideas when they share them with me.

1    2    3    15. My co-workers trust me.

1    2    3    16. I seek for opportunities to teach classes or give presentations.

1    2    3    17. I like to take appropriate risks that lead to my personal growth.

1    2    3    18. I am productive at work and on projects that I am given.

1    2    3    19. When I have a problem with someone, I politely to try to resolve it with them.

1    2    3    20. When I am given many tasks, I appropriately delegate them to others.


After honestly taking the survey, fit your score into one of the following categories.

41-60 You are a leader. You have the necessary skills to be an example and lead others. Find one or two skills that need improvement or fine-tuning and continue to develop them. If you are not already involved in a leadership position at work or your community, seek opportunities to lead to continue your growth.

21-40 You are on your way to becoming a leader. Work on skills and qualities that you need to develop more (patience, productivity, teaching, integrity). Seek opportunities within your community to become involved in service clubs, humanitarian organizations or other programs that you have interest in. The best way to develop your skills is to put them to practice.

20< Don’t lose hope in becoming a leader. Study out and continue to develop leadership skills. Look at the leaders around you and create a list of the qualities they emulate. Pick one quality and begin to work on it today.

Disclaimer: The information from this survey should only be used as suggestions for developing leadership qualities.