The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech is more than a venue to showcase innovation- it’s a tool to change the lives of the students who visit it. According to Tim Ritchie, President and CEO of The Tech, the opportunity for students to grab hold of their future is very short and “it's an unavoidable loss if we as a community don't come together with collective impact and try to help these kids achieve their potential”

About Tim Ritchie:

Tim Ritchie has transformed The Tech Museum of Innovation into a vital community resource that excites and engages people of all ages with programs that help them discover their own problem-solving power. Under Ritchie’s leadership, The Tech has developed new partnerships with schools, created new teacher training programs, and increased its focus on equipping girls and low-income students to engage positively with science, technology, engineering and math. As a result of this work and more, The Tech in 2015 won the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the highest honor an American museum can earn. Ritchie joined The Tech in 2011 after serving as the president and CEO of the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to leading science centers, he practiced law, led education programs in a large public housing community, and led an organization that creates employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, his law degree from Duke Law School and his master’s in public administration from Harvard University.