The Success Behind Steiner Sports

Some may say that Brandon Steiner that was dealt a hand of cards that weren’t in his favor, but that didn’t stop him though from building one of the premiere brands in sports marketing. During our interview, Brandon shared some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned in life and what has helped him arrive at the point that he is today.

About Brandon Steiner:

Brandon Steiner is grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he began working at a young age to help provide enough food for the family. Despite his economic situation in life he went on to create a Steiner Sports, a $50 million sports marketing and memorabilia company. Brandon’s success can be attributed to the following: “if you forget yourself, you'll fill yourself,” a principle that he’s put to practice which helps him serve and build with relationships with others. Brandon is also professional speaker and has spoken for many organizations including: BMW North American, Harvard School of Business, ESPN. He is the author of two books, “You Gotta Have Balls” and “The Business Playbook” and a blog with over 1,400 posts.