Strategic Planning for Life: A Moment with Jack Crawford of the Impact Venture Capital

James R. ("Jim") Hedges, IV was one of the early leaders in the hedge fund and alternative investments industry and is the author of Hedges on Hedge Funds.

About Jack Crawford:

Jack has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1995. Prior to co-founding Impact Venture Capital, he focused on corporate venture, portfolio management, and innovation programs. Jack is the Founder of the Entrepreneurs Showcase -- a mentoring program for early stage technology companies.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and has graduated from a number of venture capital leadership programs including the Kauffman Fellows Program, Harvard Business School PE/VC Program, and the Venture Capital Institute.

Jack is the Founder of Social Venture Partners of Sacramento -- an organization focused on supporting non-profits working to improve K-12 education in Northern California.

Jack is avid sports fan who has completed 2 Ironman triathlons, a 50-mile ultra marathon, and a 200-mile double century bike race.