Serial Entrepreneur

Aldo is a true entrepreneur at heart. He has founded numerous companies and not one of them was motivated by money- it was always to solve a problem. Listen was he shares his journey and talks about Veem, his disruptive new company geared at changing how people make cross border payments around the world.

About Aldo Carrascoso

Aldo is the Founder and COO / CTO of Veem, a company that utilizes Blockchain to allow individuals to make cross border payments in local currencies. The company was conceptualized by Aldo when learned that individuals making cross border payments were having to pay up to 25% of the transfer amount in fees to various institutions.

Prior to Veem, Aldo founded or cofounded several other other companies including JukinVideo, Jukin Media, Coalescent Resourcing Inc, and

Aldo received a degree in Psycology from Ateneo De Manila University, and a MBA from Babson’s College.