IoT and Embedded Systems

Chances are you can’t go 5 minutes without coming into contact with some sort of device that has software interacting with hardware. Whether it’s an iPhone, Amazon’s Alexa or FitBit these embedded systems have seen explosive growth in recent years, however this is only the beginning. With the roll out of 802.11ax, 5G and Wifi developments, it appears that IoT will continue this voracious growth in the years to come.

About Rajesh Subramaniam:

As Founder and CEO, Rajesh has led embedUR systems through a decade of profitability and successive growth averaging 35% per year, and has built a loyal customer base among F500 Network and Telecom equipment providers.

With a Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and an unrelenting determination, Rajesh rose quickly through the engineering management ranks at various startups and public companies such as Schlumberger, Bay Networks, Atoga Systems and ARRIS, designing enterprise and carrier network equipment during the 90’s Silicon Valley boom.

These experiences led Rajesh to envision a flourishing market for embedded-systems for networking equipment and connected devices, so in 2004, together with others from Atoga he founded embedUR.