What’s the best way to go about investing in gems and how do you avoid getting taken advantage of when when purchasing high end jewelry? Rénee Kubryk comes from a background specializing in rare gems and vintage diamonds. Listen as she shares about her trade and what you need to look for in purchasing high end jewelry.

About Rénee Kubryk

Rénee Kubryk has always had a passion for Gems. At a young age Rénee found herself working at a jewelry store owned by her parents. She received her degree in nursing from City University of New York City College and later a Master’s in Human Resources & Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. Rénee had a booming career in the furniture industry where she helped design high end furniture. After moving on from the furniture industry, Rénee became the owner of Gemlust, a jewelry store focused on procuring high end gems and jewelry for clients in the upper 2% tier. Rénee uses her vast knowledge and connections in the gemology industry to help her clients procure jewelry while bypassing commercial price markups. Renee operates an eBay store called Vintage Diamonds, (// she can also be reached for private appointments at