Doing the Tough Things First

“The most efficient way to use your time is to start out by doing the things that you dislike most first.”

About Ray Zinn:

Ray Zinn is a co-founder of the Company Micrel and has been its President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of its Board of Directors since the Company's inception in 1978. As our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zinn gives the Board of Directors insight and in-depth knowledge of the semiconductor industry and Micrel's specific operations and strategies. He also provides leadership skills and extensive knowledge of semiconductor technology and Micrel's business environment, which he has gained through his long career with Micrel and in the semiconductor industry. Prior to co-founding the Company, Mr. Zinn held various management and manufacturing executive positions in the semiconductor industry at Electromask TRE, Electronic Arrays, Inc., Teledyne, Inc., Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation and Nortek, Inc. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Management from Brigham Young University and an M.S. in Business Administration from San Jose State University.