Demand Acceleration

How do you build demand for your products and services? Rajiv Parikh is co-founder and CEO of Position2, a marketing company that specializes in the demand creation process. In this week’s interview, Rajiv explains the current purchasing psychology of people today and what role content marketing has in this process.

About Rajiv Parikh:

Rajiv Parikh is the CEO of Position², an integrated digital marketing firm that drives brand visibility and new customer acquisition for technology-driven brands. Position² has operations in the US and Asia with clients from around the world. Their 200 person team combines advertising, marketing, product & technology expertise. The company is funded by Accel Partners.

Prior to founding Position² Rajiv held management roles at AltaVista, Sun Microsystems, NCR and AT&T. He earned his MBA from the Harvard School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of New Hampshire.