Defining A Meaningful Life

“I believe that people do the best when they're doing something not only that they love but that gives them energy… it's about figuring out what gives you energy, where's your purpose and how are you going get there. Don't be a cork that floats on the water, but actually move towards what you want”

About Howard Getson:

Howard Getson is the founder and CEO of Capitalogix, an AI trading systems company that essentially provides its users a “hedge-fund-in-a-box.” Prior to forming Capitalogix, Howard had an active corporate legal practice which he worked in from 1987 to 1993.

Howard has a passion for helping people define purpose in their life and presented “The Time Value of a Life Worth Living” at TedxPlano 2014:

Howard attended Duke University where he earned his undergrad in Philosophy and Psychology. He also obtained both an MBA and JD from North Western University.