2015 Tax Update

With budget cuts to the IRS and the effects of the Affordable Care Act begining to be felt how is your 2015 Tax Season going to be affected? Listen in as Ron Cohen reviews over the changes that are going to be felt this tax year and how they could potentially affect you...

About Ron Cohen:

Ron Cohen has more than 30 years of experience in public accounting and related industry work. He earned an undergraduate accounting degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and then a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University. Ron has extensive knowledge in International Tax and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia handling tax issues. He has also served as a tax director for a company with sales in excess of $2 billion. Ron teaches courses in taxation and financial accounting at Ohlone Community College. Ron lives in Fremont with his wife, who teaches English at Mission San Jose High School, and has two sons. Prior to his life as a CPA, Ron did some stand-up comedy in Chicago and received personal advice and coaching from Bill Cosby and Tim Reed. However, after observing that the vast majority of comedians have a very low taxable income, Ron decided to follow his father's example and become a CPA.