Alan and Susan Olsen's Philanthropic Commitment to Bay Area Communities

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Alan & Susan Olsen Education Grant Fund for Disadvantaged Bay Area Children

The Alan and Susan Olsen Grant Fund was established by my wife and I to assist hard working economically disadvantaged Bay Area Children. The Grants are issued to Children in the Bay Area attending BYU-Idaho. These students will have the opportunity to receive an education based on the "Harvard Learning Models" that President Kim Clark has developed.

GROCO® gives heavily to community charities (donating over $100,000 annually)

We are actively involved with supporting many of the Community Charities. Our annual budget for supporting local charities is over $100,000 a year. Local charities such as the Washington Hospital Foundation, Ohlone College Foundation, Fremont Education Foundation, Alameda Library Foundation, Bay Area Council for the Boy Scouts of America, the Niles Rotary Club, Citizens for Better Communities, LOV Newark, and Fremont Chamber of Commerce are examples of some benefactors to our donations.

GROCO® Managing Partner personally gives time and money to Fremont Community

I am committed to giving back to our community. In addition to serving as the Managing Partner of Greenstein Rogoff Olsen & Company, I serve as adjunct faculty of Ohlone College. I am also a member of the National Advancement Council for BYU-Idaho. Prior to joining BYU-I, President Kim Clark served as Dean of the Harvard Business School. It's been a real pleasure serving on this board, as I expect it will elevate the position of our firm growth.

GROCO® promotes spending time with Family

Every week, I run around 100 television commercials on Comcast Network in the Fremont Community stating the importance of spending time with your family.