Why Is This Top Hedge-Fund Manager Cutting His Holdings?

The bull market has been going strong for years. But could it be possible that this “running of the bulls” is about to end? The stock market is always fluctuating so a bear market is always a possibility. But according to the manager of one of the largest hedge funds on Wall Street the time for the Bull’s run to end is likely close. 

Billionaire David Tepper is less than excited about this bull market continuing. He said the battles with China, plus the simple fact that the bull market has already been going for about 10 years has led him to his forecast. 

Recently, Tepper had a much better outlook. However, with so many concerns about global trade, especially with China, and the belief by many forecasters that the economy and the market have very little room to grow, Tepper’s enthusiasm has curbed. 

In a recent interview, Tepper told CNBC, “I’ve taken down my exposure. Our whole book, we probably took down 30% at some point, the equity part.” Tepper says this current Bull Run, in his opinion is in its final innings. However, he did the leave the door open to a continuing run. “But you know what happens with baseball sometimes?” he said. “It goes into extra innings.”

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