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Many Taxpayers Surprised by Smaller Refunds

Sticker shock in the retail industry is not uncommon. But many taxpayers, this year, have been getting somewhat of a sticker shock when it comes to their tax refunds. That’s because so far this tax season, refunds have been down. Way

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Florida Man Tries to Keep Huge Tax Refund That Was A Mistake

Just about every taxpayer eagerly waits for his or her tax refund this time of year. No matter what they plan to do with it, taxpayers can’t wait for that fat check from the IRS. But what if you somehow

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Planning on a Big Refund

Most people love tax time for one thing: a big refund. Of course, there’s not much else to love about it. But things are a little different this year. Those big tax refunds people are used to getting are not showing up. So far,

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Is Your Large Tax Refund a Good Thing?

What’s the best part of tax season? When it ends, right? Well, for many taxpayers that might be the answer. But for millions, the fact that they get a large refund is probably what comes to mind. A big tax refund might seem like

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Are You Withholding Too Much From Your Paycheck?

By now you’ve had enough time to get a good read on how the new tax laws have affected your paycheck. For most people, the news should be good. However, in many cases, it could actually be better. The problem

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When Should You Receive Your Tax Refund?

The top question on everyone’s mind at tax season is when will get my refund? After all, that’s the only incentive people really have to do their taxes. The problem is the answer is never set in stone. Despite claims

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Wondering Where Your Tax Refund Might Be? Check Your Student Loan Debt

By now millions of taxpayers have already filed their returns and have received their refunds. Still, there are others who are waiting for that check to show up in their account. For some, that wait can be very difficult and

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Will Your Tax Refund Be Delayed?

It’s only January, but because the calendar has turned to 2015, that means the tax season is officially here. While most people don’t file their taxes in January, there are a few early birds who go after the first worms

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