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Don’t Expect to Find These Deductions When You File This Year

A lot has been made of the all the tax changes this year, thanks to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Many of the laws have been altered and some have been completely eliminated. Certain credits have been cut, while

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This Year Will Be the Last Time You Can Claim These Deductions

If you’re like many taxpayers, then you’ve already filed your 2017 tax return, and perhaps even received your refund. If so, congratulations are in order. You can now forget about taxes for another year…although we don’t recommend that. On the

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It’s Time to Start Preparing for Your 2017 Taxes

The tax season is officially over for most people, and by now many taxpayers have already put their refund to good use. However, while almost everyone would rather not think about taxes for the next 10 months, or so, the

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These Tax Breaks Are a Big Boost to the Wealthy

Even though the new presidential administration has already made several tax cut promises that would greatly benefit the wealthy, the fact is, high net worth individuals already benefit from several tax breaks that favor the rich. In fact, there are

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There’s Still Time to Cut Your 2016 Tax Bill

So with tax season officially kicking off next week, as the IRS will begin receiving returns on January 23rd, it would seem that the time to save money on your 2016 taxes is now gone. However, there is still a

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Can a Trust Help You Save on State Income Taxes?

Of course, when it comes to lowering taxes almost all taxpayers first and foremost focus on taxes at the federal level. There are of course many ways to save on federal income taxes and the majority of taxes we all

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Keep Your Small Business’s Taxes Small as Well

Do you run a small business? Are your hands always full, or perhaps overflowing? Small business owners never run out of things to do, which means that sometimes certain things get overlooked or put on the back burner, including taxes.

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Some of the Most Amazing Tax Deductions Ever

At GROCO, we have been doing this for more than 50 years. That means we’ve heard just about every crazy tax story you can imagine. With tax season now officially in full swing we thought we would share some of

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