TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Netaround

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen’s American Dreams and I’m here today with Yiqiu Gao and Sijia who are the co-founders of Netaround. Welcome to today’s show.

Yiqiu: Hi, American Dreams.

Alan: So can you tell me about your company Netaround?

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Mokloud

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Bal Heroor. And we are here visiting about his new company Mokloud. Welcome to today’s show.

Bal: Thanks Alan.

Alan: So can you tell me about the vision for your company and why you got it started?

Bal: Sure, so Mokloud is an enterprise collaboration app. So what we do is we allow users to create something called work spaces which allows them to Read more ›

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Lyra

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Dilun Ho. He is one of the co-founders of Lyra. Dilun, welcome to today’s show.

Dilun: Thank you.

Alan: So Dilun, give us the inspiration behind Lyra and what you see as the vision for your future here.

Dilun: So Lyra basically is a music creation tool, in VR, and one of the inspirations is: the first time I tried virtual reality, I knew I had to do something with music because my background was with music. That’s one of my first passions. And one of the things I wanted to try to do, we wanted to build something from the ground up for VR and we wanted to simulate what’s called a medical condition called synesthesia where people can perceive sounds and shapes with music or sounds. And so we are simulating that. You tried the demo earlier, you actually see the music and the sound and shapes and colors, right?

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Koder

Alan: Hi, I’m here today with Elmer Morales and he is the co-founder or founder of Koder.

Elmer: Founder, yes. That’s right.

Alan: Welcome to today’s show.

Elmer: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Alan: So Elmer, is this your first company?

Elmer: It’s actually my fourth, I’ve had a few others before and you know my last company was a consulting company and that’s sorta where the inspiration came from to start Koder.

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TechCrunch Disrupt 2016- Spherica

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen. I’m here at TechCrunch and I’m here with Alina Mikhaleva she is the managing partner of a company called Spherica. Welcome to today’s show.

Alina: Thank you so much. Thank you for having us.

Alan: And also, this is Nick back here and Nick is the COO of the company.

Nick: Hello. Yeah, good to be here.

Alan: So it’s always exciting to see a company managed by a woman and also the leadership that you are providing in there. So tell me the inspiration behind your product here.

Alina: Two years ago I saw virtual reality for the first time and Read more ›

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- SAP Hybris

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen, and I’m here today with Samuel Schneider and he is with SAP Hybrid labs. Samuel, welcome to today’s show.

Samuel: Hi, thanks. Yeah that was Hybris and Hybris is an SAP company and we are here offering our API market place.

Alan: So I noticed all these candy dishes down here. Can you explain how the product works?

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Rolik

Alan: I’m here today with Sergei Gritsenko and he’s the co-founder of Rolik. Sergei, welcome to today’s show.

Sergei: Thank you. Nice to meet you as well.

Alan: So Sergei, tell me about your company. You currently are doing the world’s first digital video ad in the market place.

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 Proov

Alan: Hi, this is Alan Olsen and I’m here today with the CEO, Toby Olshanetsky, and Alexey Sapozhnikov. They are the CEO and CTO of prooV. Welcome to today’s show.

Toby: Thank you very much.

Alexey: Thanks a lot.

Alan: Okay, I’m gonna start with Toby. First of all, you’re the CEO of the company, but this is not your first company, correct?

Toby: No, we are serial entrepreneurs, both me and Alexey have been building enterprise software company for the last 23 years.

Alan: You know on American Dreams, we always love to hear serial entrepreneurs explain their visions and tell me the inspiration behind this vision, Alexey.

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Collecting Classic Cars with Ardel Brown


Alan: I’m here today with Ardel Brown and we’re going to be looking at his car collection today.

Alan: Ardel this is quite the man cave that you have here

Ardel: Well it’s taken a little while to get it developed and fill it up, but it’s pretty full

Alan: So roughly how many car do you have in this shop

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The Biggest Challenge Entrepreneurs Face


Alan: Running a company is never easy and you know, this show at American Dreams talks about pathways in life. And I had a guest come on once and say “In life there is no path, but it’s really the path is created by the series of choices that we make and the consequences that follow.” And so I wanna step back into the mind of the entrepreneur specifically when you stepped in and became part of insynctive, you know, there was a transition that that involved. From the founder and you taking the reigns as the CEO, but in the process of scaling a company, what are some of the biggest challenges that the entrepreneur faces?

Gary: Well, I look at it as it’s not a straight line to success. And that success or nonsuccess is determined by the quality and number of people you have surrounding yourself. And having been in this business, that was one of the components that was really key and critical for me in order to take on this opportunity with the entrepreneur. And having the mindset of putting together a series of milestones that achieve your goal is what’s critical so that you have measurable results that you need to achieve. And every time you hit those results, you know you’re on track to get to where you need to go. And one of the things I’ve learned in the past is that you’ve got to get the company to break even in order to have a real company.

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