Leaders Should Avoid Implementing These Office Rules

Every business has rules, including rules for office settings. Some rules are very important, while otherw seem quite ridiculous. There will always be rules and in many cases rules play a key role in a company’s success. However, some rules do just the opposite, and leaders should avoid implementing these types of rules. 

The problem is many rules are made because of one person, or because of one big mistake. However, that philosophy punishes everyone because of one person’s failure. The best thing to do is handle a situation like this individually, instead of holding everyone accountable. 

Here are some rules leaders should avoid at all cost. 

  • Requiring salaried employees to adhere to strict attendance rules, including clocking in at a set time, and monitoring their time off too stringently. Many employees stay late with no extra pay. Punishing them for arriving a few minutes late will only alienate them. 
  • Creating and adhering to a set performance scale. Making every employee follow a performance curve or rank will not improve performance. Instead they will work out of fear they will be fired. Everyone performs differently and success should be measured in different ways. 
  • Banning mobile phones or restricting Internet use. When leaders try to control their employees’ every move, they turn work into a dictatorship. Reasonable use of the Internet and mobile phones should be allowed. If employees are scared to do either they will not feel comfortable at work. 
  • Implementing strict dress codes to stifle creativity and self-expression. Sure, there are certain dress standards that should be kept in an office environment, but not allowing people to express themselves makes work a dull and unpleasant environment. This leads to employee dissatisfaction and less productivity. 

Rules are important, but make sure you don’t overdue it. Happy employees are productive employees.  


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