Is Your Leadership Style Motivating or Discouraging?

All managers want their teams to get things done. It’s part of their role as a manager. However, not all managers know how to motivate their employees. In fact, some managers do exactly the opposite. They discourage them. So which actions motivate and which actions discourage?

Here are a few things that lead to discouragement, and in turn, a lack of productivity and an unhappy workplace.

  • Creating senseless rules for the sake of being in charge
  • Never recognizing accomplishments
  • Hiring and promoting the wrong people
  • Treating everyone the same
  • Showing a lack of concern
  • Not keeping commitments
  • Allowing bad performance

On the other hand, when managers use the following tactics to motivate their employees they get much better results. This leads to better productivity and a happier workplace.

  • Treat people the same you want to be treated
  • Be strong without being cruel
  • Communication works both ways so take time to listen
  • Teach by example and not by your words
  • Show humility and don’t try to hide things
  • Show real interest in your employees as workers and as people

Good leaders know how to motivate. Using harsh words, dumb rules, and allowing poor performance will lead to discouragement. Avoid these traits and instead treat people the way you want to be treated. This will motivate and inspire.

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