How To Hire Emotionally Intelligent Employees

If you’ve ever had to hire an employee you know it can be challenging. There are so many candidates and they all present themselves in the most positive way possible.  However, you can’t always judge a candidate by his or her resume. In fact, sometimes even the interview process still leaves you guessing.

So what can you do to hire emotionally intelligent employees? After all, you don’t need someone that will simply get the job done. You need someone that will fit in.  You need to find people you want to work with every day. The next time you’re looking to add someone to your company give these strategies a try to help you hire the right person.

Look for and identify EQ behaviors–during the interview process look for some key indicators that the candidates are emotionally intelligent. For example, if they show self awareness or good relationship management skills then they likely have a higher EQ.

Focus on body language–during the interview, some candidates will say more with their body language than they do with their words.  In fact, you can probably learn more about the candidate and how he or she will fit in by watching them physically react to questions, than you can from paying attention to what they say.

Ask the deep questions–of course, you have to cover all your bases and go over the key points of the job and the candidate’s experience. However, it’s important to probe much deeper than these surface questions if you want an accurate reading into his or her true character. These deeper, probing questions will give great insight as to what type of employee the candidate will be if hired.
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