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The 5 Must-Have Leadership Traits for Executives

If you’re in an executive position then it’s a given that you’re a leader, right? Well, in reality, just because you carry an executive title that doesn’t make you a true leader. In fact, in order to be a real

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Our Latest Episode

LATEST EPISODE JOEL PETERSON “Mistrustful organizations are preoccupied with keeping people from doing their worst, while high-trust organizations are focused on empowering people to do their best” – The 10 Laws of Trust

Top Tips for Investors Straight Out of College

You’ve conquered college. You have the shiny new degree hanging prominently on your wall. So what’s next? The real world begins. Most college graduates set out to find a job. Some head across the globe to “find themselves.” Others look to start

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Important Lessons to Be More Successful

There are so many opportunities to learn in life. And some of life’s lessons are best learned the hard way. In fact, sometimes, failure is the best possible teacher. The key is being able to accept failure while not letting

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Is Your Leadership Style Motivating or Discouraging?

All managers want their teams to get things done. It’s part of their role as a manager. However, not all managers know how to motivate their employees. In fact, some managers do exactly the opposite. They discourage them. So which actions motivate and which

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Despite Challenges, IRS Gets a Positive Rating for Tax-Filing Season

Editorial credit:  / If you were to give the IRS a rating, how would they do? On a scale of one to ten most taxpayers would have the tax agency on the lower end of the spectrum. But that’s not the

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Are You Making These Common Leadership Mistakes?

How are you doing as a leader? If you’re a true leader then chances are you possess many of the important qualities that make effective leaders successful. However, even the best leaders have room for improvement. In fact, there are several common leadership

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New Administration Makes Avoiding Obamacare Tax Easier

Remember when the Affordable Heath Care Act became a law? One of the biggest complaints about the law, more commonly known as Obamacare, is that it forced people to sign up for healthcare. Those who didn’t had to pay a tax penalty.

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Why Is This Top Hedge-Fund Manager Cutting His Holdings?

The bull market has been going strong for years. But could it be possible that this “running of the bulls” is about to end? The stock market is always fluctuating so a bear market is always a possibility. But according to

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Republican Lawmakers Release Additional Tax Cut Proposals

While Americans’ reception of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) remains mixed – depending on which media outlet you believe – republicans are still convinced they didn’t do enough. To that end, House Republicans, last week, announced a new proposal that would add to

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