Author: Alan Olsen

Are All Fines Non-Deductible?

A few weeks ago Elon Muck made some big news when he got in trouble with the SEC. The agency investigated the Tesla CEO after he made public comments about possibly taking the company private. There was even talk he could be ousted from

What a $1000 Investment in Tesla 8 Years Ago Is Worth Now

Have you ever fancied yourself zooming around in a Tesla? Perhaps you already own one of these amazing vehicles. You might even own stock in the company. Many Tesla drivers have also invested in the company. So what is that investment worth?  At

This Could Be the Year to Stop Itemizing Your Deductions

Tax season is just about here again. That means millions of people are getting ready to gather up all their financial information for the year 2018 and file their returns. This year will be like no other, thanks to the Tax Cut

What’s the Biggest Mistake Young Investors Make?

There are all kinds of investors and there are even more investing strategies. There are also just as many possible mistakes you can make as an investor. Those who’ve been in the stock market a long time have likely seen it all. And

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What’s New With the Alternative Minimum Tax?

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act affected numerous portions of the nation’s tax law. However, one part that hasn’t been discussed much is its effect on the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The AMT has been around since 1969 and its

In Which Leadership Traits Do Women Rank Higher Than Men?

Men and women are different. Neither is better than the other, and they both excel at different things. Sometimes women are better at certain things than men, and the opposite is also true. So what about when it comes to leadership? Which things

These Two Phrases Are Signs of Weak Leadership

Good leaders and bad leaders have many differences. Effective leaders tend to do things well, while ineffective leaders often don’t. However, it’s interesting to note that both kinds of leaders make mistakes. No one is perfect. What sets these two

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Why Are Wealthy Families Turning Their Noses on Hedge Funds?

Many investors look to see what the wealthy are doing when it comes time to get into the stock market. After all, these investors are wealthy because they’ve played the market right. For years, many of the wealthiest investors in

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The 5 Must-Have Leadership Traits for Executives

If you’re in an executive position then it’s a given that you’re a leader, right? Well, in reality, just because you carry an executive title that doesn’t make you a true leader. In fact, in order to be a real

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Top Tips for Investors Straight Out of College

You’ve conquered college. You have the shiny new degree hanging prominently on your wall. So what’s next? The real world begins. Most college graduates set out to find a job. Some head across the globe to “find themselves.” Others look to start

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