Author: Alan Olsen

Is Paying Your Taxes With a Credit Card a Good Idea?

For most taxpayers tax season means a nice refund. However, for some taxpayers, the news is not as good. So what if you’re one of those taxpayers that owes the IRS money after filing your return? How should you pay

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Are You Ready for the 2019 Tax Season?

Ready or not, the 2019 tax season is here. So if you’re not ready, here are some things you need to do. These facts and tips will help you get started. First off, tax returns are due on April 15. That’s the

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How to Claim Deductions for the Business Use of Your Vehicle

One of the most common tax deductions for those who have a business is the use of a vehicle. If you use your vehicle for business then depending on your situation, you could reduce your business income significantly. That could

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What’s Love Got to Do With Leadership?

What’s the most important attribute of a good leader? While it’s difficult to pinpoint one single overarching attribute, exceptional leaders usually have love. One of the main reasons for this is that love brings out the best in people, no matter the situation.  So if

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Is Your Large Tax Refund a Good Thing?

What’s the best part of tax season? When it ends, right? Well, for many taxpayers that might be the answer. But for millions, the fact that they get a large refund is probably what comes to mind. A big tax refund might seem like

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The Big Changes You Need to Know Before Tax Day

It’s safe to say this could be one of the most interesting tax filing seasons in the last several decades. This is the first year of filing taxes under the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act. And that means there are

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Will the Shutdown Delay Your Tax Refund?

Whether or not you’re following the government shutdown, eventually it could affect you. For most people, life has continued as normal since the federal government decided to shut down late last year.  If you don’t work for the government, then

How Will Billion Dollar Lottery Winner Fair Under New Tax Law?

What would you do if you won $1.5 billion dollars? That’s exactly what happened for one ultra lucky individual in October. The life of the winner of the largest single ticket jackpot in history will never be the same. What

Incoming House Democrats Win First Tax Battle

The calendar year has not yet changed, which means newly elected members of the House and Senate have yet to officially take their seats in the Nation’s Capitol. However, House democrats are already busy making changes in preparation for the new year.  And one

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Could You Claim a Tax Credit for Your Nanny?

Although tax laws have certainly changed under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, there are still numerous tax credits available. Some of these credits are obvious. But there are several you might be overlooking.  For example, did you hire or use a