Author: Alan Olsen

What Makes a Boss Truly Great?

How do you feel about your boss? If you’re a boss, how do your employees feel about you? In reality, the term boss doesn’t have the greatest connotation. That being said, some people still have great “bosses.” But what makes a

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Tax Filing Issues Have Jumped Greatly in 2019

Much of the news this tax-filing season has been about the changes in tax law, as well as the average refund amount. But there are other tax filing issues making news. In fact, that’s the exact problem. The 2019 tax season has been full

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Most Americans Not Aware of Important Tax Changes – Are You?

Do you like change? If you answered yes, then chances are you’ll enjoy this tax season. However, not everyone enjoys change and for some this tax season will be an even bigger headache than normal.  But ready or not, tax changes are

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Will This Tax Season Cause Even More Stress Than Normal?

Life is full of stress. And tax season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Plus, with the new tax changes this year, things could get even more complicated for many taxpayers. It’s enough to blow

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Don’t Expect to Find These Deductions When You File This Year

A lot has been made of the all the tax changes this year, thanks to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Many of the laws have been altered and some have been completely eliminated. Certain credits have been cut, while

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Many Taxpayers Surprised by Smaller Refunds

Sticker shock in the retail industry is not uncommon. But many taxpayers, this year, have been getting somewhat of a sticker shock when it comes to their tax refunds. That’s because so far this tax season, refunds have been down. Way

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How Much Will Amazon Pay in Taxes on $11.2 Billion in Profit?

You might think a company that makes more than $11 billion in profit would have a huge tax bill. After all, that makes complete sense. However, in the case of Amazon, the online retail giant, their tax bill is quite

Florida Man Tries to Keep Huge Tax Refund That Was A Mistake

Just about every taxpayer eagerly waits for his or her tax refund this time of year. No matter what they plan to do with it, taxpayers can’t wait for that fat check from the IRS. But what if you somehow

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Planning on a Big Refund

Most people love tax time for one thing: a big refund. Of course, there’s not much else to love about it. But things are a little different this year. Those big tax refunds people are used to getting are not showing up. So far,

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Add These Leadership Moves to Your To-Do List for 2019

Are you looking to grow or enhance your leadership skills this year? If you are, then you need to have a plan. You can’t expect to become a better leader just by showing up every day. There are some things

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