Are You Still Missing This Important Leadership Skill?

It takes many skills to be a great leader. While most of these skills are obviously important, some are more valuable than others. So which skills do good leaders need the most? Great leaders all seem to have the ability to motivate and inspire others. That is arguably the most important skill a leader can have. So what comes next? 

What about solving problems? Not just any problems, like fixing the copy machine or dealing with an employee that’s always late. This is about complex problems. It turns out that solving complex problems is also right near the top of the list when it comes to important leadership skills to possess.

According to reports, the 2016 OECD Survey of Adult Skills showed that the ability to solve complex problems is crucial for fast-growing, highly skilled managerial occupations. However, even though this skill is critical and highly sought after, it is difficult to find people who already have this skill. 

According to organizations and companies, college graduates are not learning this important skill in our universities and business schools. However, this is exactly the kind of training they need, because solving complex problems doesn’t come naturally. 

One answer to this problem is already out there and in full force. Many companies have already turned to management consulting firms in order to educate and train their leaders how to solve complex problems. And these firms take problem-solving skills very seriously. 

So, if you want to become a great leader you should start learning the skill of complex problem-solving as soon as possible. 

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