Are You Hurting Your Own Leadership Potential?

Are you on the path to leadership? Perhaps you’ve already received a promotion and you’re well on your way? So what’s next? Do you continue down the same path that got you where you are today? Or, do you look for new ways to improve so you can get to the next step?  

It’s easy to stick with what’s working. But what got you one promotion might not be enough to get you the next one. In order to continue on your path to leadership, you have to look beyond the past. After all, you don’t want to get in your own way and impede your development and growth. So if you want to keep moving forward make sure you’re not making these mistakes and sabotaging your own potential. 

  1. Focus on a direction instead of a task. No one likes working for micromanagers. Instead of staying ultra focused on the task at hand, set a focus for yourself and for those you lead toward a specific direction. 
  1. Don’t say yes to everything. While it’s great to be a doer and get involved in as much as you can, there might be someone else that can do it better. Additionally, if you say yes to too many things, you might not be able to accomplish them all, and every task will suffer. 
  1. Ask questions. Always ask why. Don’t just do things blindly. Ask yourself is there is a better way. Additionally, if something isn’t working then ask questions to find out why and more importantly how to do it better.
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