Year: 2016

Do Risk Takers Make Good Leaders?

There are countless stories of leaders in the business world that have taken great risks in order to become successful. The fact is there is risk in almost any professional decision a person makes. Some choices carry much great risker

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How Much Are U.S. Companies Paying in Corporate Taxes?

It’s no secret that the nation’s wealthiest individuals pay the most in taxes, but did you know that the United State’s corporate tax rate is also among the world’s highest? According to a report from Accounting Today, accounting and consulting

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The Numbers Don’t Lie-The Wealthy Are Paying More Taxes

More, more, more! So many people demand that the wealthy pay more taxes. ‘They must pay their fair share,” goes the battle cry. The question is what really constitutes a fair share? Truth be told, many of the nations wealthy

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High Property Taxes Pushing Many New Yorkers to Relocate

Recently I posted a report that the number of wealthy individuals leaving Connecticut for more tax-friendly pastures has been increasing. It seems that Connecticut isn’t the only state that is facing this problem. According to a report in the Democrat

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How to Create a Common Dream

All companies are out to achieve success. Success can be defined in many different ways, but in most cases companies define success by their results. Many companies have mission statements, common dreams – or goals – that they use to motivate their workforce or to define their purpose. These

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Succeeding Against All Odds

Just about every startup business or entrepreneur faces tough odds, which at certain points can seem almost insurmountable. Achieving success is always gratifying, but when you achieve success against all odds, that satisfaction can feel even greater. Being able to

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Why Is Integrity So Important for Building Trust?

One of the greatest attributes a business can have is trust. Trust is so important between a company and its customers, as well as between the leaders of a company and the rest of the staff right on down the

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Starting a New Business? – Be Prepared for Taxes

Starting and owning a new business can be very exhilarating but it can also be very stressful. There are so many important things to keep track of and dozens of tasks that need your attention. One thing that can get

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How the Wealthy Save on Taxes

Whether you make minimum wage or you’re in the richest 1 percent of earners, every taxpayer likes to keep as much of his or her hard-earned income as possible. There are hundreds of ways to save on taxes and many

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Embracing Respectful Conflict

When you use the phrase “embrace respectful conflict,” most times people won’t have a clue what you mean, but in fact, embracing respectful conflict is a key component in building trust within a team. A fact of life is that

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