Year: 2016

What Are the Wealthy Really Worried About?

At GROCO we work very closely with some of the most highly successful people in the world and because of that we know what makes these types of individuals tick. We understand how they think and how they operate and

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Does it Really Pay to Win the Lottery?

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. The thought of taking home hundreds of millions of dollars is enough to get even the laziest people off the couch and into their local quick-e-mart to purchase some tickets. The country has been

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Don’t Wait to Hire a Tax Pro for the Upcoming Tax Season

This is after Christmas when everyone is scrambling for those after Christmas deals at the stores and whatever else it takes to be ready before the big day. Likewise, there are a lot of people that end up scrambling for a tax

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You Still Have Time to Make These Tax-Savings Moves

It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s time to get serious about tax savings. It wouldn’t be December unless we had some last minute tax tips to help you save money before the year

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What Should You Do if You Can’t Afford to Pay Back-Taxes?

Paying taxes is no fun. Owing back taxes and not being able to pay them is much worse. Many people get into tax trouble when they end up owing money to the IRS and they don’t have the means to

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Try These Tax Ideas for Your Business Before the Year Ends

Are you a business owner? Then chances are you’re already busy getting ready for your taxes. Personal taxes can be a pain for many people, but business taxes can be even more complicated. This is a very important time of

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What Tax Changes Can You Expect Next Year?

With the New Year almost here that means several new tax changes are on the horizon. These changes are for 2016 and do not apply to the taxes you will be working on in the next few months before April’s

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What Can Small Businesses Do to Plan for Tax Season?

There are only a few days remaining in 2015. The bad news is your time for tax saving for this year has almost expired. The good news is you still do have a few days to make some moves that

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