Month: November 2016

Voters in Multiple States Choose Higher Taxes for the Wealthy

Of course, the big news from the election earlier this month was that Donald Trump shocked the world and defeated Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 45th president of the United States. However, there were several other important

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U.S. Treasury Making Push to Keep More Corporate Taxes Home

For any company considering a tax inversion, the latest news form the U.S. Treasury will likely make it reconsider. Tax inversions, which are used by American companies to reduce their tax bill, occur when a company acquires or opens a

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Why Are the Wealthy Paying Fewer Estate Taxes?

The estate tax was a hot topic throughout the election process and now that we have a new president-elect it’s sure to get an even closer look when White House leadership changes hands early next year. Or course, both candidates

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Want to Avoid Taxes in Retirement – Try This

There’s been no shortage of thoughts and opinions regarding Donald Trump’s tax returns since the election process began, especially since his leaked return hit the mainstream media a few weeks ago. One could argue at length regarding those numbers and

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How Much Are Fortune 500 Companies Saving in Taxes?

It’s a well-known fact that many of the richest companies in America have become so financially successful thanks in large part to the tax-savings methods they employ, not the least of which is keeping large amounts of income overseas. These

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How Would Proposed Tax Plans Affect the Country’s Economy?

We’re just days away from the election and it’s likely that most Americans will just be happy that it’s finally over, no matter whom or what they voted for. However, there are some very important things at stake in this

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