Month: June 2016

How Will Taxes Affect Your Success in Retirement?

Are you at that point in your career where the number of years you’ve already worked greatly outnumber the years you have left to put in? If retirement is just around the corner for you, or even still out on

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Are High Taxes the Real Reason Why Wealthy People Move?

Despite several reports that many of the wealthiest people in America are fleeing to other more tax-friendly states, a new report suggests that might not be the case. Of course, there have been some recent cases where these exact circumstances

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Will Taxing the Wealthy Really Fix Income Inequality?

If you pay attention to any political programs or follow any news about the economy and taxes, then you no doubt have heard plenty of debate regarding income inequality. The fact is there is a lot of income inequality in

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Could L.A. Millionaires Be Facing Another Tax?

Everyone can agree that being homeless is terrible. No matter what the circumstances are that bring an individual to this predicament, it’s unfortunate that anyone has to be without a place to call home. Cities all over the country deal

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The True Value and Importance of Communication

Communication is extremely valuable in all relationships and in almost every setting. If you want to have a successful relationship with your spouse you must be able to communicate effectively with each other. If you want to have a positive

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Do Risk Takers Make Good Leaders?

There are countless stories of leaders in the business world that have taken great risks in order to become successful. The fact is there is risk in almost any professional decision a person makes. Some choices carry much great risker

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How Much Are U.S. Companies Paying in Corporate Taxes?

It’s no secret that the nation’s wealthiest individuals pay the most in taxes, but did you know that the United State’s corporate tax rate is also among the world’s highest? According to a report from Accounting Today, accounting and consulting

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The Numbers Don’t Lie-The Wealthy Are Paying More Taxes

More, more, more! So many people demand that the wealthy pay more taxes. ‘They must pay their fair share,” goes the battle cry. The question is what really constitutes a fair share? Truth be told, many of the nations wealthy

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High Property Taxes Pushing Many New Yorkers to Relocate

Recently I posted a report that the number of wealthy individuals leaving Connecticut for more tax-friendly pastures has been increasing. It seems that Connecticut isn’t the only state that is facing this problem. According to a report in the Democrat

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How to Create a Common Dream

All companies are out to achieve success. Success can be defined in many different ways, but in most cases companies define success by their results. Many companies have mission statements, common dreams – or goals – that they use to motivate their workforce or to define their purpose. These

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