Month: February 2016

Using a Tax Shelter? IRS Says Beware

People look for many different ways to save on taxes, or even to avoid paying some of the taxes they really do owe. However, despite taxpayers’ best efforts, the IRS is always on the prowl and if you’re using unscrupulous

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How to Handle Tough Decisions

Everyone has to make decisions in life and many of those decisions can be very difficult to make. The same can be said for businesses. Decision makers in the business world face a lot of tough choices and some of

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Tell Me Your Value Equation

Every company feels like it has what it takes to make a difference in its customer’s lives. No matter what product or service they offer their clients, all companies feel like they can do it better than anyone else. So

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Have You Heard About These New Income Tax Changes?

February is almost over. Can you believe it? That means the annual income tax return deadline is fast approaching.  If you still haven’t done your taxes then there are some important changes you should know about. Hopefully, if you’ve already

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Some of the Most Amazing Tax Deductions Ever

At GROCO, we have been doing this for more than 50 years. That means we’ve heard just about every crazy tax story you can imagine. With tax season now officially in full swing we thought we would share some of

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What Is Section 1202 Stock?

The Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), which was signed into law late last year, finally made several temporary tax breaks permanent. Among the tax breaks included is the Small Business Stock Gains Exclusion, known as

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Will Your Tax Return Draw the IRS’s Attention?

No one wants to experience a tax audit. The good news is that most people never will have to go through that experience. The IRS simply doesn’t have the time and resources to audit every tax return. In fact, the

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Is The U.S. Really a Low-Tax Country?

Many U.S. taxpayers feel that our country’s taxes are too high, no matter which economic class you’re in. Likewise, regardless of which side of the political world you rest, most people would agree that the U.S. tax system needs some

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