Month: December 2015

If You’re Using Airbnb for Some Extra Cash Don’t Forget About Taxes

Have you heard about the latest craze in hospitality? It’s the idea of renting out your home for a night or two, or perhaps even slightly longer, to someone looking for a place to stay other than a hotel. The

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IRS Instructions as Clear as Mud, Even to the IRS

Tax time is just around the corner and that means it will be time once again to comb through all the jargon that is IRS tax forms. Many taxpayers have long bemoaned tax forms and instructions as just plain confusing

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Is Tesla Dodging Taxes in Denmark?

Another day, and another report of a large company trying to avoid paying taxes somewhere in the world, has hit the news media. This time around it’s Tesla Motors Inc. that is facing accusations of tax dodging in Denmark. The

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If You’re Going to Argue About Taxes Your Argument Better Be Good

Lets face it a lot of taxpayers make mistakes on their tax returns. It’s also true that there are plenty of other taxpayers that willfully falsify their returns in order to save on their total tax bill. Some people even

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