Month: May 2014

Simple Strategies for Avoiding an IRS Audit

Does the fear of an IRS audit keep you awake at night? Although most people will never have to worry about an IRS audit, those who have been through the process can tell you that it’s something they only hope

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Five Tips for Planning Your Taxes for Next year

Summer is almost here and that means people are getting ready to enjoy outdoor activities like BBQs & swimming and hiking & fishing. It’s also a great time to start thinking about your taxes for next year. What? It can’t

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Strategies for Representing Yourself in an IRS Audit

Have you been selected by the IRS for an audit? It’s OK. Relax; you can get through this. Although we advise you to never try to go through an audit by yourself, if you really like a challenge and would

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U.S. Government Could Lose Billions Due to Fewer Audits

There may actually be some good news about tax returns this year. That’s because according to reports, due to budget cuts, the IRS has been forced to reduce the number of audits it will perform. In fact, the IRS Commissioner

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