The Food Bowl Has Hit the City of Angels

By Alan Olsen
The Food Bowl Has Hit the City of Angels

What do you get when you combine sunny weather, the thrilling vibe of Los Angeles, and lots and lots of food? The Food Bowl, of course. It’s not the Super Bowl, but you can get a super bowl, or plate, of food at this exciting new event that is expected to become an annual tradition in Los Angeles. The Food Bowl started on May 1, but don’t worry, you still have time to get out and enjoy this event because it runs through end of the month. But don’t wait too long; the food won’t last forever.

World Renowned Chefs to Participate

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone that loves food to enjoy some of the great tastes Los Angeles has to offer. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, this event has a two-fold purpose. First, it is aimed at celebrating the vibrant food scene available throughout the city. Second, the event serves to raise awareness about the fight against hunger. The Food Bowl will feature about 200 separate programs and events throughout the month, as well as some of the top chefs in the world. Among those making an appearance are Fergus Henderson (St. John), Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana), Magnus Nilsson (Fäviken) and Rosio Sánchez (Hija de Sánchez), to name just a few.

Events for Everyone

Among the dozens of featured events taking place, are the following:

Pop Ups and Parties
Lunch / Dinner
Talks, Tours, Classes and Tastes
Things in a Bowl
Kids in the Kitchen
Farm to Table
Farmers Market
Drink and Dine
Cognac and Canapes
Give Back
Citi and No Kid Hungry Dinner Series
China Food Week

Food, Fun and a Good Cause

The organizers of the event have high hopes for the Food Bowl, and they expect thousands of people to attend the different programs and events going on throughout the month. In fact, according to the Vice President of Public Affairs and

Events at the Los Angeles Times, Suzy Jack, they hope the Food Bowl will end up being the biggest food festival the city has ever held. She also said that they hope the Food Bowl will serve to educate people of the realities of our nation’s food system, as well as serve as an opportunity to assist people who are facing hunger or food insecurity.

Come See for Yourself

In addition to the great food and the positive initiatives, there will also be exciting live entertainment and a fiesta-like atmosphere. This is Los Angeles, after all. So, if you love food and you can’t get enough of the unique L.A. food scene, then this is a party you must attend. But don’t wait too long, because the Food Bowl won’t be around forever, and eventually the delightful dishes will run out!