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American Dreams: Key's to Life's Success Shows in Year: 2013, 2012, 2011
Worldwide Leader in Venture Backed Job Assistance

When it comes to the world of venture backed companies how do you know what’s hot and what’s not? Jeremy McCarthy, co-founded Ventureloop, a worldwide leader in job posting for venture backed companies. Learn how he immersed himself in the industry and helps others do the same on American Dreams.

Multi-Generational Family Coaching

How do you prepare your heirs for the roles and responsibilities that they will inherit? Richard Del Monte has developed a multi-generational family coaching process to assist parents in passing on the ethics and values that helped make them successful in life. Learn more on how Richard prepares heirs to receive their families’ estates on American Dreams.

Founding and Operating Multiple Enterprises

Founding one company seems hard enough but Jim Knighton seems to have successfully tackled two startups at the same time. Listen as Jim shares how he overcame obstacles he encountered when he was set out to develop disruptive technology in the biotech industry while developing an elite class of wine from his own vineyard.

The State of Private Equity

How do private Equity Groups affect the economy? Dick Boyce is a partner at TPG Capital, a global private investment firm with over $50 billion under management. Listen to Dick explain how mergers and acquisitions have altered the IPO landscape and how QE3 can affect our economy. Dick formerly worked with Mitt Romney at Bain Consulting and shares his personal insights on who Mitt Romney really is as well. Learn what Dick Boyce has to say on American Dreams.

The Mystical Permissions Wizard

How does one break into the entertainment industry? Listen to Justin tell how he how he went from being a bell captain at a resort to a Producer of Yo Gabba Gabba, a Nickelodeon children’s television show. Now he’s behind the production of an epic motion picture that’s to be filmed this coming year.

Stanford's Entrepreneurship

What comes first, bootstrapping or venture money? Dr. Douglas Park teaches entrepreneurship classes at Stanford University discusses the pitfalls and factors of success that entrepreneurs face when dealing with startups. "Starting a new company is a big challenge," says Dr. Park


Are there differences in leading a one person organization compared to an organization of fifty? "Absolutely," says Robert Sher Founding Principle of CEO to CEO, a company that seeks to improve leadership and business skills of CEOs in middle market companies.

The Executive Advisory Forum

Where can executives and business go for help without having to worry about competitors taking advantage of their circumstances? Dr. Ann Blackburn is the founder of the Executive Advisory Forum, a think tank where business owners discuss how to plan beyond the day to day operations, growth issues, personnel issues, calamity aversion and how to implement strategic objectives. Learn what Ann has to say on Alan Olsen's American Dreams.

Entrepreneurship in China

How is entrepreneurship affecting China? Dr. Richard Dasher, Director of the Stanford US-Asia Technology Management Center discusses how entrepreneurship in Asia is affecting the U.S. and the rest of the world. Learn more of what Richard has to say on American Dreams.

Preparing the Next Generation

In a scarce job market for emerging professionals- experience is the key to putting new graduates ahead of their competitors. "You have to be an active participant in this educational process" says Brian Howard, Professor at Brigham Young University Idaho. Brian hosts the television show Latter-day Profiles, a program produced completely by students.

Overcoming Startup Challenges

How badly do you want your dream? Would you work for four years, six days a week, eighteen hours a day without a profit? Han Sellge takes us on a journey as he recounts the creation of his nickel anodizing plant to service the high tech industry. Learn more as he discusses how his startup went from concept, to being profitable.

Empowering Rural America

Imagine a telephone company that is the "provider of last resort" in rural America but growing subscribers by a factor of 10 over 18 months. Last year, Mark Dzwonczyk joined the Board and was then promoted to be the CEO of Nicholville Telephone Company, a 110-year old regulated telecom carrier. Nicholville's subsidiary, Slic Network Solutions, is rolling out broadband internet to the unserved in rural New York, allowing many to connect to the Internet for the very first time.

Planning For Success

Whether you're starting up, managing, or strategizing your exit from multi-million dollar businesses, succession planning is always advisable in preparation for that transition. Patrick Flynn, the Managing Director of Private Capital Corporation, shares with us his past experiences as a CPA and an entrepreneur and how he got to where he is today. Listen as he shares his insights from the financial world and shows the importance of planning and protecting your investments for the future.

The CFO Hub

The CFO is a vital and inward facing role in an organization- but where do they go if they need help? Proformative is a free organization for CFO's where they can discuss issues, share experiences and find answers colleagues have accumulated over the years. Listen to John Kogan, CEO and Founder of Proformative, discuss the value it adds to CFO's around the world.

State of the Valley

Silicon Valley's economy is roaring back, how do we all benefit? Russell Hancock, Stanford PhD and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley explains how this region became the world's hub for innovation and venture capital, current hot trends, threats and also what individuals, the region and California needs to do to avoid disaster and flourish.

The COO - Captains of Execution

'Most businesses only need to focus on three things: Innovation, Execution and Culture' says Bill Shepard, founder of COO Forum®. Bill discusses the significance of a COO and the importance of their role as the 'Captains of Execution'. Listen to Bill explain the vital part COO's play in successful companies on Alan Olsen's American Dreams.

The American Dream

Olympic medalist, national celebrity and television show host- why would anyone with this status want to leave their homeland to immigrate to another country? Learn why Tanya Hadzhieva chose to leave her home land to come to the United States to live the American Dream.

The Significance of CEO

How is it that a startup can break into the high tech industry and be on a rapid path during one of the worst recessions in history? "CEO makes it happen" says founder of Embedur Systems, Rajesh Subramaniam. "CEO makes it happen and I'm not talking about myself but it does represent three important things. Rajesh explains how customer satisfaction, an efficient and quality driven process, and close control of overhead is what drives the success of a company. Hear more on what Rajesh has to say on American Dreams.

Citi's CTO Defines Success

How do you make the transition from employee to corporate management? "Flexibility, resilience and the ability to change," says Yobi Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer of Citi. "You can't stay on one job for forever... learn how to spot the next trend and be the first one there." Yobi started out his career developing the spreadsheet at Lotus and from there went on to be the Chief of Global Strategy at Ernst & Young. He is now Chief Technology Officer for Citi. Learn more as Yobi shares what has made him successful in his career.

SEC Chief Accountant

Chief Accountant at the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) is about as high as you can get. Accepting the position in 2006, Conrad Hewitt's duty was to protect investors in an environment where white collar crime grows at rampant rates. Learn more as Conrad shares his journey to the top on Alan Olsen's American Dreams.

To Sun Microsystems... and Beyond

The man that started it all speaks on the birth of Sun Microsystems and how it developed him as an entrepreneur. Now Scott McNealy is engaged in several new ventures to change the way we live such as Wayin and Curriki. Learn more about the keys that helped Scott find success.

Your CFO and CEO's New Best Friend

How do you grow your company more than 100% annually? John is helping Adaptive Planning to become the new best friend of CFO's and CEO's everywhere. Leveraging off cloud technology, John's company has made it on the list of Silicon Valley's top ten fastest growing companies. Listen how the founder of Adaptive Planning's game changing idea can yield incredible benefits in terms of informed decisions, forecasting and better performance management.

Google Landlord

Meet Google's Landlord, Tom Rees. He tells his story on how he transitioned from being an attorney to working in the commercial real estate market. Listen as he speaks on commercial real estate in the Bay Area, and tells why he turned down leasing his building to Google, when Google was an early start-up company.

Video Game Pioneer

The high octane life-like video games of today exist, in part, because of Gary Summers and Atari. Back in the 1980s, few engineers or gamers could foresee where technology would take us. From the early days at Atari to founding four high tech companies, Gary Summers has contributed significantly to the success of the industry.

Our Cost for Healthcare

How much are we willing to give up when it comes to the healthcare? How about our freedom? Dennis Wolfe has over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In 1991 he authored a prophetic book forecasting the current dilemma the US faces today in regards to our healthcare cost delivery crisis- with a solution to solve our nation’s problems on a localized level. 

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

How do you start a multimillion dollar company? Isaac Jacobson has been behind several multimillion dollar ventures- all before hitting the age of forty. Learn more about what Isaac Jacobson has to say as he shares advice to new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Economic Outlook 2012

“We are a nation that lives pay check to pay check” says Rob Black, weekly radio host on KDOW 1220AM. How do you plan to retire? When will unemployment rates decrease? Listen to what Rob Black and Alan Olsen have to say about changes that could help our economy thrive in 2012.

The Man that Knew Ronald Reagan

What was it like to work with Reagan? Ty Cobb shares his personal experiences as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan for national security affairs and also as Executive Secretary for President Reagan's summits with Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva (1985) and Reykjavik (1986).

Forecasting Business in the Cloud

This is “a golden age for entrepreneurs,” according to John Mathon, founder of billion-dollar software company TIBCO. Learn what he has to say about how cloud technology is transforming the way businesses are operated, and allowing companies to be started at much lower costs — and without large amounts of venture capital funding.

Former Goldman Sachs Executive shares insight on the US Economic Condition

Audrey McNiff, former Goldman Sachs Executive, shares her view of the economic state of the nation. She feel that the US is out of touch in terms of how economics actually works. Like other entrepreneurs and national leaders assisting with the Presidential campaign, Audrey is impressed with Mitts Romney’s integrity and business acumen, and feels strongly that; “He’s the real thing”.

Artist Turned Entrepreneur

Kristen Hubbs is a successful artist and now entrepreneur; she also just happens to be Mitt Romney’s Niece. In addition to her beloved art (oil paintings), recently in galleries in New York and Laguna Beach California, Kristen has also been the CEO and President of Goldline Holdings, LLC since 2009. Goldine’s flagship enterprise is, which holds a patent on a unique medical device popular amongst surgeons and cosmetic physicians.

New Health Technologies

What is being done to improve the health of our nation? While politicians are trying to find ways to pay for new healthcare legislation, companies are working on finding cures to improve the health of our nation. Kevin Thayer and Alan Olsen discuss new drug and medicine discoveries that could result in new breakthroughs in the healthcare.

IRS Amnesty and Enforcement

The IRS recently announced that they will be allowing amnesty for the voluntary offshore bank account disclosure. Ron Cohen, CPA and Partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen and Co. joins Alan Olsen this week in discussing the effects of this new announcement.

Taxes: An Outlook for 2012

Will the presidential elections dramatically effect taxes this upcoming year? Only the future will tell. Alan L. Olsen, Managing Partner of Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen and Co. and Nadine Camara, discuss tax strategies and changes to focus on in order to reduce your tax burden this upcoming year.

Ten Commandments of Leadership

Richard King, Owner and Senior Partner of King, King and King Law Office discusses leadership principles that the rising generation of leaders needs to apply. Conviction, vision and commitment are vital principles that will lead to the success of a developing leader.

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