Jump Gaming - Indie Gaming Platform

During his last semester at Carnegie Mellon, Anthony started building games but found that there was some major challenges facing indie game makers: discoverability and distribution. Now he’s gone out on a limb to solve those problems and has built Jump Gaming, which is poised to become “The Netflix of Games.”

About Anthony Palma:

Anthony Palma is the founder and CEO of Jump, a startup positioned to be the Netflix of Games. Jump is an on-demand, multiplatform video game subscription service launching in Summer 2017. Subscribers will receive unlimited access to all featured games across all desktop systems and VR devices for one flat monthly fee, and game developers can bring their games to jump to extend the revenue life of their products. Prior to Jump, Anthony worked as the Director of the Core Labs Game Accelerator and General Manager of Entertainment at GSVlabs. Anthony attended Carnegie Mellon where he received his Master's of Entertainment Technology and resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area with his wife.