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Preparation vs. Compilation vs. Review Engagements

If you were to ask the general public what a preparation or a compilation or a review engagement is, you would probably get blank stares and “I’m not sure.” The following will attempt to provide a brief and simple explanation

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The State of the Private Equity Industry—Is It All Down Hill From Here?

In the past private equity has been a solid way of investing taking in trillions of capital, but with the ever changing world we live in, what is the state of the industry? Private equity investments typically consist of money

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Critical Decisions When Launching a Startup

There are countless aspects to launching a startup company. To do it successfully a founder has to make many critical decisions and be right on most of them. Many entrepreneurs have a great idea or product with great plans to

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How the Internet Became Commercial

What’s Behind the Commercial movement of the Internet? Believe it or not the Internet was not originally created to share your life on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or to watch movies, play games or follow your favorite

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Top Tax Tips for Business Owners

Chances are if you run your own business then you are always looking for ways to get, and stay ahead, especially when it comes to paying your taxes. They are so many different things to track and organize when it

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How to Efficiently Scale With Capital

The goal of most startup companies is to achieve growth and profitability. However, the process of achieving those goals can be different for every company. The key to long-term success for most startups is to scale with efficiency, but that

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Approaching “Star Trek”-Like Medical Technologies

The world of technology is constantly evolving. In fact, new and emerging technologies have become a part of just about every industry in the business world. The medical world is no different and, in fact, many of the most amazing

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Top Tips to Remember When You Can’t Pay Business Taxes

Business taxes can be a nightmare for a lot of companies; especially small businesses that are trying to stay afloat. Things can get even tougher when it comes time to file your return and you end up on the wrong

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Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers

When you hear the term freelancer, you might think of someone working a small business out of his or her home and just doing things on the fly. However, freelancers come in all forms and many owners of small businesses

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Using a Tax Shelter? IRS Says Beware

People look for many different ways to save on taxes, or even to avoid paying some of the taxes they really do owe. However, despite taxpayers’ best efforts, the IRS is always on the prowl and if you’re using unscrupulous

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