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American Dreams: Key's to Life's Success

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The Significance of CEO

How is it that a startup can break into the high tech industry and be on a rapid path during one of the worst recessions in history? "CEO makes it happen" says founder of Embedur Systems, Rajesh Subramaniam. "CEO makes it happen and I'm not talking about myself but it does represent three important things. Rajesh explains how customer satisfaction, an efficient and quality driven process, and close control of overhead is what drives the success of a company. Hear more on what Rajesh has to say on American Dreams.

About Rajesh Subramaniam

Rajesh started his career at Schlumberger Technologies in 1994 working on the first mixed signal tester which later became the flagship product for Schlumberger in the ATE industry. While at Schlumberger, Rajesh was acknowledged for his contributions and was the recipient of the RATE award (Recognition in ATE Award). Rajesh then moved on to the field of networking and contributed to the early managed HUB platforms in 1998 for Bay Networks which was later acquired by Nortel Networks.

Continuing to follow his passion in networking and Optics, Rajesh began Consulting in the field of networking and standards based software development for early stage startups such as Kestrel Solutions and public companies such as NET. With this experience he later joined Atoga Systems, a start up catering to building products integrating WDM, SONET and IP in one box called the ALL-IN-ONE box or a multi-service provisioning platform, Atoga was acquired by ARRIS a publicly traded company in early 2003 and Rajesh was one of the early on members of the engineering design team to have been part of this acquisition.

In 2004 Rajesh went on to found embedUR systems and given his background in Telecom and Data Networking started leading the charter to build embedUR's customer base and focus on providing product engineering services for its customers. In Dec 2007 Rajesh took on the additional title of CEO along with being the Founder to expand embedUR and went on to launch embedUR centers in Chicago and off shore center in India. embedUR has serviced more than 25+ customers most of whom are publicly traded companies and is continuing to grow to reach new market verticals under Rajesh's leadership.

Upcoming Guests 

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December 4th, 2013 Co-founder of Back to the Roots

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December 11th, 2013 Certified Financial Planner

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