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American Dreams: Key's to Life's Success

Listen to Alan Olsen's American Dreams: Keys to Life's Success radio show. Each week expert guests will join Alan as they discuss how to make businesses thrive during challenging economic times and overcoming adversity.

Alan Olsen's American Dreams: Keys to Life's Success airs every Wednesday Evening from 6:00-7:00pm. on KDOW 1220am.

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The COO - Captains of Execution

'Most businesses only need to focus on three things: Innovation, Execution and Culture' says Bill Shepard, founder of COO Forum®. Bill discusses the significance of a COO and the importance of their role as the 'Captains of Execution'. Listen to Bill explain the vital part COO's play in successful companies on Alan Olsen's American Dreams.

About Bill Shepard

Bill Shepard is the Founder and CEO of COO Forum®, an 8-year-old professional development association for Second-in-Command Executives. He founded the COO Forum® in 2004 expressly to enable COOs and Second-in-Command Executives to have an opportunity to learn and problem-solve with their peers. From the first meeting on the Peninsula in San Carlos, California in 2004, the association has grown throughout Northern California and now in more than 50 cities nationally.

The COO Forum® enables senior executives to expand their professional development, to participate in developing and defining best practices, as well as to network and collaborate with peers. The COO Forum® supports companies and the greater business community in matters pertaining to the crucial position of Chief Operating Officer.

Bill has served in the capacity of CEO, COO, or Divisional President since 1981 in large, medium, and small-size companies, both public and private, across seven different industries. He has been CEO at NordicTrack and Pacific Linen, and President/COO at a division of Philips Electronics and Divisional President at Cole National and General Manager of a division of Spiegel Catalogue.

As a Senior-Level Consultant today, Bill works directly with CEOs and owners, utilizing his COO-oriented skill-set to provide additional expertise, leadership, and activity to achieve significant outcomes. His clients admire his ability to quickly find the core issues and build a positive, collaborative, and decisive team approach to solution generation. His areas-of-focus have been Innovation, Leadership, Execution, and Best Practices. He also affiliates with Strayer-Tirado Consulting.

Continuous since 2004, Bill has chaired CEO groups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. After serving eight years under the flagships of Alliance of Chief Executives and Chief Executive Council, Bill launched the CEO Business Forum of Northern California in 2012 expressly for CEOs of Companies of Innovations with meetings in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California.

Bill Shepard holds a BA, Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and serves on the NCPHS Board in San Francisco. Bill and his wife, Karen, live in Silicon Valley. They have four grown children and two grandchildren living in San Francisco, Gainesville, FL, Washington DC, and Rockland, ME. Bill and Karen are active in theatrical arts, are avid hikers, and enjoy travel.

Upcoming Guests 

Nikhil Arora
December 4th, 2013 Co-founder of Back to the Roots

Darrell Claridge
December 11th, 2013 Certified Financial Planner

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