Featured People on American Dreams

Konstantin Guericke

Konstantin Guericke - Co-Founder of LinkedIn

"When you need an investor, or business partner, its usually not someone who you know, but it’s often someone who you know knows" –Konstantin Guericke Learn more ...

Mark Stidham

Mark Stidham - CEO of LuLaRoe

Within three years, LuLaRoe has gone from a small company to a massive empire with over 24,000 clothing consultants around the world. Learn more ...

Clayton Lewis

Clayton Lewis - A competitive triathlete with a passion for health and wellness. CEO of Arivale

Currently our Healthcare system is designed to treat and cope with disease once we start seeing symptoms. How would you like to eliminate the problem before before you even get sick? The newly launched Scientific Wellness accomplishes just that and is set to disrupt healthcare’s priority in our lives. Learn more ...

Summer Anderson

Summer Anderson - the Principal and founder of Human Capital Resources (HCR)

“Executive positions have hard requirements and soft requirements and if you don't have both of those lineup, then sometimes, you won't have success. Sometimes, the soft requirements can trump the hard ones.” – Summer Anderson, Principal of Human Capital Solutions Learn more ...

Are You Ready for the 2018 Tax Filing Season?

Are You Ready for the 2018 Tax Filing Season?

The tax season is just about here and that means it's already past time to start getting ready to file your return.

With that in mind, here are some tried and true tips that you can use to help you get prepared.Read More...

Bitcoin and your tax bill

Bitcoin and your tax bill

Ripple. Ethereum. Litecoin. Dash. Monero.

And the oh so famous Bitcoin. All of these are different cryptocurrencies which recently have been all the rage among investors, and with their extreme volatility, their future is constantly in question. Read More...

Will the IRS Collect on Cryptocurrency?

Will the IRS Collect on Cryptocurrency?

The digital age has changed the way the world operates.

Just about every industry imaginable has been affected by technology already. That includes how we use and exchange money, over the Internet. Whether you call it bitcoin or cryptocurrency, or any other similar moniker, these forms of digital currency have become increasingly popular. They have also become a great wayto avoid tax payments, and the IRS wants its cut. All of it. Read More...