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Offices in Fremont and Palo Alto, CA, accommodate clients throughout Silicon Valley and the world. Our CPAs specialize in tax planning and tax preparation for high net worth individuals, complex and international returns. Catering to Entrepreneurs, High Net Worth, Venture Capital Communities and Business Leaders.

Buying a Second Home?

Thinking about owning a vacation getaway on the south beaches of Florida? Maybe a mountain retreat in snow country is your fancy. Perhaps you want to own a vacation paradise in Hawaii or some other beautiful, warm and sunny location. ...

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Tim Draper: Creating the Worlds Most Successful Venture Capital Firm

What to do in an Audit.

It might possibly be everyone’s worst nightmare. No, it’s not that one where you show up to school in your underwear and become the laughing stalk of the entire school. That’s pretty bad, but receiving a letter from the IRS informing you that you have been chosen for an audit can bring the...

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Scott McNealy: Going Beyond Sun Microsystems

Tax On Luxury Homes

Just about everyone has dreamed of living in a mansion at least once in his or her life. Mansions are magnificent to behold and many of these homes have luxuries that most people can only admire from afar. On the other hand, it’s quite common for ...

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Joe Lacob: Making the Golden State Warriors a Championship Team


How to Choose Your Tax Filing Status if You’re Married

If you’re married then you’ve probably just always filed a joint return with your spouse. In fact, chance...

There Is a Bright Side for Early Filers Victimized by Obamacare Gaffe

There’s been no shortage of complaints and problems with Obamacare since the nations new health care cove...

IRS Has Handed Out More Than $100 Billion in Refunds so far

As with every tax season there have been some mistakes that have caused problems for some taxpayers, as w...

Do not Be the Victim of a Tax Scam

As the tax season continues to be in full swing we here at GROCO continue to hear of more and more tax sc...

Our Professional Services Include:

Tax Planning , Corporate, Partnership & Trust Tax Preparation, International Tax Services , ESOP Structure Alternatives, Non-Profit Organization Returns, Shareholder Tax Issues , Stock Option Planning, Payroll and Sales Tax Consulting, Federal and State tax Preparation, 1099 Tax filing, Foreign Account Reporting, Accounting Services, IRS Representation, Entity Selection, Tax Audits, Preparation of Financial Statements, Certified Audits, Reviews, and Compilations, Cash Flow Analysis & Projection, Trust Accounting, Bookkeeping Services, Strategic Management Consulting, Start-up Company Planning, Compensation & Benefit Plans, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entity Restructuring, Employee Ownership, Research and Development Studies, Business Valuations, Financial Consulting, Review of Contracts, Revenue Recognition Strategies, Technology Consulting