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Offices in Fremont and Palo Alto, CA, accommodate clients throughout Silicon Valley and the world. Our CPAs specialize in tax planning and tax preparation for high net worth individuals, complex and international returns. Catering to Entrepreneurs, High Net Worth, Venture Capital Communities and Business Leaders.

New Inversion Legislation

It seems that the war on tax inversions is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it appears that in Washington, at least, the battle is just starting to heat up, as many democratic lawmakers won’t let the issue die....

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Tim Draper: Creating the Worlds Most Successful Venture Capital Firm

Tesla Gets Tax Deal

One of the world’s most popular new car companies continues to make waves as it works to not only redefine how cars are made and run, but also change the way cars are sold. The latest move by Tesla Motors...

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Scott McNealy: Going Beyond Sun Microsystems

IRS Above the Law?

Have you ever wondered how the IRS truly operates? Have you ever contacted someone from the IRS with a tax problem or question and discovered that the person on the other end of the line probably knew less about your question than you did? ...

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Joe Lacob: Making the Golden State Warriors a Championship Team


IRS’s Direct Pay Service Is Gaining Popularity

Everyone seems to love things that are automatic. In fact, when it comes to financial transactions, cash ...

Need Tax Help for Your Multinational Business?

If you run an international or multinational business, whether it’s based in the United States or abroad,...

Federal Government Looking for Ways to Get to Retirement Funds

Just when you thought your retirement account was safe from the federal government, think again. That’s’ ...

An Artistic Way to Pay Your Taxes

Many wealthy individuals enjoy collecting things, including artwork. While artwork can be a source of inc...

Our Professional Services Include:

Tax Planning , Corporate, Partnership & Trust Tax Preparation, International Tax Services , ESOP Structure Alternatives, Non-Profit Organization Returns, Shareholder Tax Issues , Stock Option Planning, Payroll and Sales Tax Consulting, Federal and State tax Preparation, 1099 Tax filing, Foreign Account Reporting, Accounting Services, IRS Representation, Entity Selection, Tax Audits, Preparation of Financial Statements, Certified Audits, Reviews, and Compilations, Cash Flow Analysis & Projection, Trust Accounting, Bookkeeping Services, Strategic Management Consulting, Start-up Company Planning, Compensation & Benefit Plans, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entity Restructuring, Employee Ownership, Research and Development Studies, Business Valuations, Financial Consulting, Review of Contracts, Revenue Recognition Strategies, Technology Consulting